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    " Ayat-ayat cinta Allah, penyuluh jalan menuju keabadian dan keredhoan. "

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    " Seseorang itu dikenali berdasarkan sahabatnya, maka berwaspadalah / bersikap bijaksanalah dalam memilih sahabat. " (Riwayat Ahmad)

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    " Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): (Tuhanku) ialah Allah Yang Maha Esa. " [Al Ikhlas : 1]

Friday, September 16, 2011


“Just look at the stars. They’re all glancing at you with their smiles as they hope the same from you. Please get rid of your priceless tears so that they wouldn’t fall and shade the beauty of the stars.”

           It was a soundless and quiet outside, with diverse of stars enveloping the gloomy and dark sky at the night. Contrarily, my heart stirred in rage ‘coz of my mother’s action which I considered unfair to me. It was my little brother came right into me, hugging me from the back. Perhaps, he was trying to fathom the disastrous heart of mine. I loosened the tight hand of his, as the anger towards my mother still conquered me.

Out of control, I was unconsciously becoming insane. I couldn’t control my action. I raised up my hand, harshly pushing him with mustered energy generated by the anger. Just before I regained my consciousness and the regrets started to seep into my heart, I saw my brother lying down with the sigh of pain. Perhaps, from the impact of my pushing. Pulling up by the curiosity, I gave a glimpse. My eyes halted at his bloody hand. I noticed pieces of glass scattering around. Then, I realized that they cut through my brother’s hand. It leaved a scar.

I started to feel pity towards my brother. I indeed exceeded beyond my sanity ‘coz of uncontrolled anger, towards something unrelated to him. I, in guilt picked him up and apologized, but his reply saddened me more for my fault.
“There’s nothing happier to look at, compared to our loved ones’ smiles. We’re bonded with blood and I am whole-heartedly dare to sacrifice my blood if you demand to, only to see the beautiful smile of yours.”

        The words struck deeper into my heart. I began to realize that he loves me more than my concern. Eventhough, it was the incident of years ago but it would remain vivid in my mind. Every time I looked at the scar carved on the hand of my brother, I can’t stop my tears to stream down, thinking over my stupidity. I know my brother, you love me, so do I. Forgive me.

In life, sometimes we don’t really appreciate someone by our side. Once God brings them to route of eternal life, then we start to feel a loss. At the moment, no regrets could return them back to us. So, appreciate those who has never fail to appreciate us just before a second too late.


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